Milline puit sobib täispuidust voodi jaoks?


Rääkides täispuidustvoodid, the editor thinks of a forest, the forest is so big, of course there are many types of trees, and the wood used in solid wood voodid is also diverse. For example, there are solid wood voodid made of ash, birch, mahogany, willow, and elm. What material is good for solid wood voodid?

1 € Fraxinus mandshurica täispuidust voodi

Fraxinus mandshurica puidu omaduste hulka kuuluvad kaunid mustrid, kõrge sitkus ning hea viimistlus- ja liimimisomadused. Fraxinus mandshurica täispuidust voodi võib hästi luua kaasaegse ja lihtsa stiili. Kui see stiil teile meeldib, võite kaaluda ka mandžuuria tuhapuust voodit.

2a € kase täispuidustvoodi

The material of birch is relatively heavy and hard, the structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the strength is strong. Due to the structural characteristics of birch, the solid wood voodi made of birch looks a touch of nobility and elegance in it. But I also remind you that birch has a disadvantage that it is not resistant to wear and corrosion, and it is easier to crack after drying.

3、Mahogany solid wood voodi

Mahogany is durable, shiny and has a smooth cutting surface. At the same time, its material is relatively hard. Most of the mahogany solid wood voodid have a classic style, so you who like classic styles, solid wood voodid can also be worth considering.

4ã € paju täispuidustvoodi

Willow is a relatively moderate material, with a slightly coarser structure. It is easier to process and has better anti-corrosion properties. It can be seen that the durability of the willow solid wood voodi is still very strong.

5、Elm wood voodi

Elm wood is not only more beautiful in pattern and coarse in structure, but also has better processing performance and good finishing performance. At the same time, it also has the disadvantage of poor drying and easy to crack and warp. However, in terms of price, because elm wood is more common, elm wood voodi is not very expensive, and has the characteristics of mass consumption.

Kui tutvustasin täispuituvoodid of various materials, I also reminded you what you need to pay attention to when purchasing solid wood voodid.
No matter what kind of solid wood voodi you choose to buy, please learn to distinguish the authenticity of solid wood from the three aspects of scarring, cross section and wood grain.
1. Armistunud külje asukohas pöörake tähelepanu sellele, kas teisel küljepaaril on vastavad mustrid, ja pöörake tähelepanu sellele, kas sisemine ja välimine puidutera vastavad hästi. Kui see sobib hästi, on see puhas täispuit.

2. Puhta täispuidust sektsiooni värv on paneeli omast tumedam.
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